Picture Reduce Studio - a lightning-fast tool for batch resizing of photos and images

(Reviewed by 3d2f.com)A typical computer contains hundreds or even thousands of images and photos occupying ample amounts of its hard drive space. However, the resolution of these images is often clearly excessive and you can save a good deal of space by reducing them to a minimally acceptable resolution. If we are talking about hundreds of images, manual resizing is out of the question. So if you have been looking for a small and affordable batch resizing tool, Picture Reduce Studio will be just what you need!

Picture Reduce Studio is a fast and affordable program that takes seconds to download and is a snap to use. It will help you resize entire folders of images in BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF, WMF and other popular image formats. All you need to do is start the program, add your files, configure the resizing options (including the image compression level) and start the resizing process! As you see, it¡¯s really a 1-2-3 approach aimed at saving your time and making the task as simple as at all possible.

If you happened to have a large photo collection and would like to free up some hard drive space or prepare a bunch of photos for an upload to a social network or a web site, Picture Reduce Studio will definitely be a choice you¡¯ll never regret ¡ª it that good! If still in doubt, go ahead and try the demo version!

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